Be one of the gang with a Jigsaw Jewellery badge!

This is a simple way of making a membership badge for all of your friends that you can break apart to give it everyone, and then bring back together when you meet up.

You will need:
  • An old jigsaw that you don't want any more
  • Paint
  • Black pen
  • Safety pins
First you'll need an old jigsaw with pieces missing, that you don't want any more.

Take a few pieces out of the middle that still fit together like this.
Give your jigsaw pieces a base coat of white paint like this.
Making sure that you keep all the pieces together, start to design the pattern for your jigsaw jewellery.

Make sure that it covers all of the pieces, or some of them won't be useful!
You can make the pattern all different sizes, large and small.

This one is a splat design.
When you're finished with the design, you need to paint it.

Make sure you keep all the pieces together.
This jewellery is going to have a blue background.

Just keep painting each piece with bright colours so that they stand out.
When you've finished, take one of the pieces out of the jigsaw.

And there's your first piece of jewellery!
When you tape a safety pin on the back, it makes a really cool badge!
If you give them out to all your friends then it becomes a sort of membership badge for everyone in your gang, because when you bring them all back together, the badges will all interlock again and form the original pattern.

No one else will be able to get in because fake jewellery won't fit in the jigsaw!
Here's another jigsaw jewellery, this time with a camoflauge pattern.
And this one is a spider's web!

Try it yourself!