Turn an old jigsaw into a fantastic work of art!

You will need:
  • An old jigsaw
  • Paint
  • Toothbrush
  • Card
  • Cardboard box card
If you've got an old jigsaw puzzle lying around - perhaps one that has pieces missing - here's a great Art Attack for you.

Start by putting the jigsaw puzzle together as best you can, on a piece of cardboard box card.
Now place a second piece of cardboard box card on top of the jigsaw.

The jigsaw should now be sandwiched between the two pieces of card.
Hold the two pieces of card tightly and flip the whole thing over.

This will turn the jigsaw upside down for you!
Now, remove a few of the pieces of the jigsaw, making a mental note of where they go, so that you can put them back later.
Put lots of newspaper down to protect your work surface.

Mix up lots of different colours of poster paint, like these.
Dip an old toothbrush into the paint...
...and use a piece of scrap card to rub against the bristles.

This will spatter the paint onto the jigsaw, giving a great effect.
When you're happy, leave the paint to dry and then return the jigsaw pieces that you took away to their original positions.
Next, carefully remove some more pieces of the jigsaw...
...and spatter paint of a different colour!
Once again, let the paint dry and then replace the pieces that you took away.
Now remove some more pieces...
...and spatter a third colour.
Keep repeating the technique. Spattering, swapping the pieces, and then spattering again with different colours.
The idea is to do layers and layers of spattering so that the jigsaw gets well and truly covered.
When it's dry it should look something like this - a complete mess!
But don't worry. To take it into a work of art, simply stick the pieces on top of a piece of card. Black works really well, as you can see here.

If you like, leave out a few pieces for a more dramatic effect.
These jigsaws are great, because you never know how they're going to look, until you've pieced them back together.

Try it yourself!