Hereís a really jazzy way of doing a simple line drawing...

You will need:
  • black felt pen
  • pencil
  • paper
Nothing unusual here - just a normal line drawing. Theyíre called line drawings, because thatís all they are - simple outlines with no colouring in, all done in black felt tip pen and pencil.
But hereís a good Art Attack - why not make a line drawing in colour? Throw away your pencil and your black felt tip. Just pick a colour to match whatever it is that youíre drawing... so you might do the line green for an apple, or purple for some grapes.
Simply change the colour to match. Put as much detail as you want in, but only in line, and donít let the lines touch each other.

If you keep going in this way, youíll end up with a multi-coloured line drawing. And it works for any line picture that you want to draw.

Try it yourself!