With this Art Attack you can create a weird abstract person using a sweet box!

You will need:
  • Sweet box
  • Paint
  • Correction pen
  • Crayon or oil pastel
  • Glue
  • Black card
  • Scissors
This kind of chocolates box is perfect for this Art Attack.

You or someone else you know might have got one for a birthday...
Take a wax crayon or oil pastel and turn the box into a jazzy dude's body by drawing on a suit jacket.

This one is double breasted with a wide lapel and two lines of buttons.
You can also add on a shirt, collar and tie.
When you're happy with your design, you can paint it.
When the paint is dry, you'll be able to see the wax design through the paint.
Then add a white shirt and pick out some of the details.
A correction pen works really well for this.
You could also add in some white pinstripes!
For arms, cut out long thin triangles from black card and, again, add on some white pinstripes.
Bend each one in the middle for an elbow and again at the top for a hand.
Add on a little bit of glue to the fat end and stick it to the shoulder of your jacket.

17:30 08/05/2006Do the same for the other arm.
For a hat, cut a diamond shape out of thin, black card and glue it to the top of the box for the hat's brim.
For the main part of the hat, cut two triangles from black card and add a white stripe to one edge of each.
Then, on just one of the triangles, from the edge of the white stripe, cut a slot just off centre.

You don't have to be too precise about this!
Now you can slot the two triangles together!
If you run a bit of glue along the edges, you can stick it to the brim to complete the hat.
Finally, the feet are two more card triangles with white, gangster style shoes painted on.

Just glue them to the underneath of the box.
A real jazzy dude!
You don't have to make them black and white.

Try other colours and see what happens...
This one is more of a summer dude!
And this one's a posh dude!

Try it yourself!