Ever wanted to know what Jack Frost looks like? Why not make your own picture of him?

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Drinking Straw
  • Silver Pen
  • Marker Pen
Start by pouring a blob of paint onto the middle of a piece of paper.

The blob of paint needs to be about the size of a coin.
Next, pour another blob of colour into the first blob.

You won't need as much paint this time!
Use a drinking straw to blow the paint outwards, in all directions.
If you want to make some sharp icicle shapes, blow the paint out where it is thinnest.
Once the paint has dried, you can create Jack Frost by adding some detail.

Look for possible features, and use a silver pen to draw on them in.
If you want to make the features stand out a little more, go around the silver lines with a fine black marker pen.
The results will be different every time. And you don't have to use cold colours like blue and white.

This one was made using green ink.
And if you want you can even use red and yellow to make a sort of fireball monster.

Try it yourself!