Using this technique you can produce great shadowy pictures that are lit up by just one light source from a spotlight.

You will need:
  • Black wax crayon
  • Ruler
  • Plastic knife
  • Black wax crayon
Take a piece of white paper and very lightly sketch a diagonal line going down from the top of the page like this.

Draw another going in the opposite direction, and connect them up at the bottom with a curved line, making a sort of cone shape. This will be the spotlight.
It's not much of a light without some darkness, though.

Take a black wax crayon and a ruler. Put the ruler upside down against the inside of the line and use it to stop yourself from colouring over the line.
Scribble in a sort of crosshatching technique, doing a scribble one way and change direction... but don't go beyond the edge of the ruler!
When you've gone around the cone shape in this way, fill in the rest of the background, making it thicker and darker the further away from the cone you get.
It looks good if you soften up some of those edges.
Next, decide who you want to put in the spotlight.

Whatever you choose, you could sketch it lightly in pencil first.
Doing this rough, sketchy technique gives a semi-solid silhouette shape which gives a rather atmospheric effect.
Don't forget some shadow!
Finally, scratch off some of the wax with a plastic knife to give it some highlights.

Just scratch off the wax where the light is shining.
And there you have it.

A clown juggling in a spotlight.
You can use other colours to produce a different effect.

This one has two spotlights.
This one is done in charcoal.
And this one is done in watercolour.

Try it yourself!