Hereís a great way of making a fantastic Art Attack with coloured inks and wax crayons.

You will need:
  • paper
  • white wax crayon, or a candle
  • coloured inks or watercolours
  • pencil
  • water
Draw a simple design in pencil onto some white paper.

Copy or trace this picture onto another piece of paper using white wax crayon or a candle. Make sure you press quite hard when you do this.
Brush over the whole picture with water.
Take your brush, and load it up with coloured ink. Drip the ink onto the water on your picture, and watch what happens. Slowly underneath, your picture will appear.

If the water on the paper dries out, blob on some more water.
Use another colour if you want to, to give your picture an extra sparkle. But donít use any more than two colours, or youíll make a mess!

You can use watercolour paint for this if you havenít got inks.
Cover all the paper in the same way, just watching your wax design emerge. When youíve done it, leave it to dry. The bold ink colours should have mixed in, creating a wax design.

The picture looks really good if you tear around the edges.
Crinkle the whole thing up, and open it out again so itís nice and crinkly and wavy.
Dab some glue on the back of your picture, and mount it onto a bigger piece of coloured card to frame it. You can try any design Ė how about a simple wild animal, or maybe a traditional figure?

Try it yourself!