A great idea for greeting cards or the fronts of exercise books - illuminated letters!

You will need:
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping Paper or Wallpaper
  • Silver Pen
Cut out a piece of patterned paper - wrapping paper or wallpaper, for example.
Draw a big block capital letter of your choice.

Why not do the first letter of your name like "N" for Neil?
Cut the letter out, then cut a slightly bigger square from another piece of patterned paper or a photograph. It needs to be a contrasting colour.
Now stick your letter onto the other piece of paper and then stick that onto a plain piece of plain paper, so that you have something that looks like that.
Now the tricky bit, take a gold or silver marker pen and trace around the edge of your letter.

When youíve done that, go around the outside of the patterned square.
You can even make up a design of your own. Just cut out a letter from patterned paper, and stick it onto a coloured square of paper. Then stick the whole thing onto a different coloured piece of paper.
After you have gone around the letter and first square of paper in gold or silver pen just use a black marker to draw geometrical designs onto the paper, like triangles.
Then just add some careless doodles to the insides of your shapes.

You can also add a fancy border to the outside of your square using a 2p coin and a gold of silver pen.
You can use them to write your own name, or put on the front of your school exercise books, or maybe put one on the front of a greeting card and send it to someone.

Try it yourself!