Don't you just love ice cream? Now you can use it as inspiration for making something that will hold all your pens and pencils.

You will need:
  • an empty washing up bottle
  • cardboard box card
  • newspaper
  • PVA glue
  • tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • cereal box card
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
Take the empty washing up bottle and cut out the bottom 4cm.

Tape it to a piece of cardboard box card that's roughly 30cm by 30cm.
Roll two double sheets of newspaper lengthways, and wrap them neatly around the bottom of the washing up liquid bottle.
Tape into place.

Use plenty of tape, otherwise you'll lose the shape!
Then, for the flaky chocolate, take about eight strips of newspaper, roughly 6cm wide.
Scrunch the strips up on themselves, so that you get a kind of bunched-up concertina shape.
Then twist them a bit, and tape them around the middle just to keep them in shape.
Tape this to the side of the washing-up liquid bottle, using lots of tape.
This is the messy bit! Mix some PVA glue in equal parts with water. Take some tissue paper or kitchen roll, and dip it into the glue. Mould it over the newspaper. Repeat this across the whole of the newspaper. You don't have to go inside the bottle - just around the edges. It doesn't matter about being neat here, as a splattered ice cream is messy!
Do the same for the flaky chocolate bit, but don't go over the edge of the newspaper at the top of the part that's sticking out.
When you've done the whole thing, leave it to dry.

While it's drying, you can make the cone.

Take some thin card (cereal box card is perfect for this), and starting with one corner, roll it into a long thin cone.
Tape the cone into position around the middle to stop it falling apart!
Cut your cone into a shape that will fit inside your ice-cream holder.

Trim it bit by bit so that you have something that looks like this.
When you've got a cone shape that fits, you need to paste the outside with PVA glue and tissue paper or kitchen roll.

Cover the whole of the outside in one layer of glue and tissue.
Leave everything to dry, then trim around the bottom of your splat to remove all the excess cardboard.
Now it's ready to be painted! Use poster or acrylic paint, and choose a colour appropriate for a particular ice cream flavour.

For the flaky chocolate, use a light brown, and streak in bits of darker brown. For the cone, paint it an orange-yellow wafer colour.
When it's dry, you can add on more details with a felt pen, like the criss-cross lines you can see on a cone.
Now it's ready to hold your pens and pencils. It's just a case of squeezing them all together, and popping the cone on the top to keep everything inside. And when you need something, just take the cone off.

Try it yourself!