Why not try these ideas to make your cartoon animals look like humans?

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pens
Here's a dog that Neil's drawn.

Now let's make it look more human...
Start by standing him up and making him walk like a human.
Use his back legs as human legs, so that he only has two legs to stand on.
Turn his front paws into human arms with hands.
How about a grinning mouth with some eyes and eyebrows.
He could also be doing some human things like playing football, and maybe even be wearing human clothes like a football kit.
And there he is: a cartoon character that's as much human as he is dog!
You can turn any animal into a cartoon, and the more you humanise it, the funnier it gets.

How about this cartoon hippopotamus, turned into a ballerina!
Or maybe a skateboarding rabbit?
A pirate vulture!
And maybe a whole orchestra of human animals!

Try it yourself!