Some great tips to remember when you're drawing people from the side!

You will need:
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Tracing Paper
Start with an oval head.
Then, draw a body, but don't make it any fatter than the head.

Make it about twice the length of the head.
Next, put in the leg.

Make this about three times the length of the head.
Now you have a head, a body and a leg.
Divide the leg into a top half and a bottom half.

Of course, you'll only see one leg from sideways on because one hides the other.
Add on a foot...
...then put in an arm.

Put a mark about half way between the top of the legs and the knee.
The idea is not to let the finger tips go any further than that mark!
Draw in the top half of the arm...
...and the bottom half, then the hand.

The other arm is also hidden.
If you place some tracing paper over the figure, you can practice putting your sideways-on people into different shapes, and add more detail.
Then when you're happy with what you've sketched, you can add more details and clothes, too!
Try it yourself!