Handy tips for drawing dragons!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
Dragons are quite easy to draw if you follow these tips.

Start with a shallow s-shape for the neck...
...and then a squashed figure 8 for the head.
Fatten up the neck a bit...
...then add in a fat body.
Draw a long tail next...
...with a pointed arrow shape at the end.
Next, big feet with long claws...
...and a sort of egg-shaped back leg, that leans over to one side.
Add in some long pointed wings...
...long pointed ears...
...and an open mouth.
And that's a basic dragon shape.

You can use the shape to create any type of dragon you like.
Neil turned the shape into a fierce-looking dragon.

He started by drawing two lumps for eyes, then added pointed ears.
He added pointed teeth and eyes...
...and claws, too.
Don't forget that dragons usually have big scaly plates on their breasts...
...and scales!
Use shading to add extra realism to the picture.
And don't forget to add some fiery flames from the dragon's mouth!
Here's a cute and cuddly cartoon dragon...
...and here's an old medieval print.
This type of graphic dragon is good for an emblem or logo.

Try it yourself!