Are you having problems drawing horses?

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
If you've ever had problems drawing horses, here are some useful tips.

Draw the skeleton first - not the real, complicated skeleton, the easy cheat's one.
Use some simple guidelines to draw a horse and it'll seem a lot easier.
Neil used a pen to demonstrate - but if you use a pencil, you'll be able to rub out the lines you draw later.

Start with two circles - one slightly bigger than the other, at the front. Make sure that there's a gap between the circles.
Next, draw in the front legs...
...and the back legs, slightly angled back.
Now draw two small circles half way down each leg, for the knees...
...and two small circles at the end of each leg for the ankles.
Now draw in a line for the neck, and two circles for the head - one slightly bigger than the other.
That completes the cheat's skeleton!
Use the lines as a guide to putting in the shape of the horse.

Start by joining the circles with curved lines.
Fatten out the legs...
...thicken up the neck...
...and draw the head around the circles.

Add in triangular ears...
...and don't forget a mane...
...a tail...
...and then feet, which are just triangles in front of ankles.
Finally, don't forget the nostril, mouth and eye.
That completes the basic horse shape.

If you used pencil, you can colour it in and rub out the skeleton. Or you can use the skeleton to make the picture more 3D and lifelike.
If you look at a horse, you'll see a very complicated muscular structure.
So if you shade in around the bottom edges of all of the circles, you'll achieve the impression of roundness and muscles.
Shade in along the other skeleton guidelines, and you'll get the horse's muscle structure starting to appear.
Don't forget to shade the legs that are on the far side that bit darker, so that they look further away.
And if you're colouring the horse, don't forget to go darker on the shaded bits.

Try it yourself!