Here's a great way of drawing a huge, medieval castle.

You will need:
  • Pencil
  • Paper
Start with a square for the front wall.
Add on two rectangles for towers.
Draw a triangle on the top of each, for a roof.
Next, draw in an arched entrance.
That's the basic castle shape - but it's very boring.

...round off the bottoms of the towers and the roofs of the towers.
Split the towers...
...and then add battlements to the front wall.
Add in lots of little windows...
...they make the castle look bigger!

In fact, the smaller the windows, the bigger the castle looks.
Add in a portcullis...
...and some shading to the towers.
Next, draw on flags at the top of the towers.
Some of the biggest castles took years and years to build - they just kept adding extra bits over the years.

So do the same - add in more walls and towers and turrets...
...more windows, to make it look bigger...
...and lots of shading.
You can make it look even bigger by drawing another castle inside the outer walls of the first!
Keep adding bits on.

How about a few grand staircases, here and there.
And a drawbridge and moat.
Colouring in is up to you.

This one is painted with watercolours.
This one has a scary, haunted theme.
And this one uses pastel colours to give a fairytale castle!

Try it yourself!