An ordinary card with a twist!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Cotton thread
  • Sticky tape
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • Scissors
Take a long thin piece of card or paper and divide it into three equal parts.
Draw a line on both edges about a ruler's width away from the sides.
Measure and divide these thin edges into three equal sections horizontally.

Take time to do this precisely.
Now, cut away the top and bottom bits on one side, and the middle bits on the other side (the bits highlighted here) .
So that it looks like this!
The edges should interllock when it is folded like this.
In the middle section draw a picture that has a theme.

This will form a sort of frame for your suspended bit, so make sure you leave a fairly big gap in the centre. This one is a countryside scene.
Carefully cut out the middle section as neatly as you can, making sure you keep it safely to one side.
Fold the rest of the card back together again.

Make a mark in the centre at the back where the two flaps meet. This will help you to draw a continuous picture for the background.
Sketch a background scene (here you can see hills) on both sides using the marks as guides.
When the card is put together, the two sides will join up to make continuous rolling hills.
Now draw a feature inside the middle bit you cut out earlier.

This will be the part that hovers.
Cut it out, and you're ready to colour everything in!
Tape two bits of cotton thread to the back of your butterfly so it can hover.
Now you're ready to attach the bits of cotton to the back of the card at the top. You'll need to turn the card round first so the front of the butterfly is the same way round as the main picture. But the background scene will still be visible!
Take your time to make sure the cotton is straight, and snip off any stray bits at the Now fold the flaps back...
...and there's your finished card!
You can do all kinds of hovering cards.
Just pick a theme and draw it!

Try it yourself!