Do you keep forgetting to do something? Leave yourself a note - straight from the horse's mouth!

You will need:
  • Garden Cane
  • Toothpaste Box
  • Clothes Peg
  • Cereal Box Card
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Paint
  • String
First, you need to make the horse's jump.

For this, take two bamboo canes or thin sticks, that are both about 40cm long. You'll also need two empty boxes. Toothpaste or tomato puree boxes are perfect!
Use a pencil to pierce a hole in one of the boxes at the point where you want the first bar to go. Repeat the process a few centimetres down, where you want the other bar to be.

Make two holes on the other box, in corresponding positions.
Insert the canes into the holes.
Tape around the ends of the canes where they go into the box to strengthen the joins.
Now you can paint the horse's jump.

This one has stripey bars as well as wooden posts.

The posts have streaky brown paint and drawn on cartoon wood!
To make a horse's head, draw around a clothes peg onto some cereal box card.
Use the peg as a guide to draw the horse's head.
Don't forget the bridle!
When done, cut the horse's head out and colour in with felt tips or paint.
Next, glue the clothes peg to the back of the head.

Make sure that the open part of the peg is behind the mouth.
Clip the horse's head to the bars so that it looks as though the horse is peeping over.

Tie two bits of wool or ribbon with beads on the end to represent legs, and then when you attach a note it looks as if it's a real horse!
Tie some string around the top to enable you to hang it up, and there you have it - all your notes and reminders can now come straight from the horse's mouth!
And you can have as many horse's heads as you like, too.

Try it yourself!