Some useful tips for incorporating horizons into pictures to give depth of background.

You will need:
  • paper
  • pen
When you draw pictures of people or animals, where do you draw the ground?

Do you draw it like this, right underneath the feet?
Well if you do it like this, it's wrong, because it looks like he's walking along a tightrope!

The best place to put this line - which is the horizon - is further up, about a third of the way. Now it looks like he's walking across the picture properly.
If you put the horizon line higher, it looks like he's sinking.
If the horizon slopes, like this one here, then it looks like he's walking up or downhill, depending on which way you put it.
Of course, not all horizons are completely straight lines. However, if you imagine the horizon about a third of the way up, you can build your background onto it. You can add buildings, hills, mountains or the sea - in fact, any background you like, as long as you remember to draw the horizon one-third of the way up the picture.

Try it yourself!