Here's a handy tip to remember when drawing hills and mountains: cheat!You will need crayons and paper.
Draw a few simple hills with a green crayon, and then put a letter C down the middle of each hill drawn.
Colour in one side of the hill with a light green, and then the other side with a darker green.

You will start to get the effect of rolling hills, where the sunlight is coming from one side shining down on the lighter hillside, and shadows on the other side.
It works for mountains too.

If you put your crayon into the wrong hand, it helps you to draw what a mountain should look like, because it will help give it a wobbly effect!

Once again, put a letter "C" down each mountain.
Colour in again, like before. Do one side of the mountain lightly, and the other side slightly darker.
When youíve finished, youíll have something that looks like this.

Another good use of this technique is for sand dunes - one side a light yellow and the other a dark orange.

You donít have to use crayons either. Watercolours work just as well!

Try it yourself!