This is a great, spooky Art Attack that's great fun to do, and easy too!

You will need:
  • a water-based thin felt pen
  • paper
  • white chalk
  • water
  • a paintbrush
Take a thin felt pen, which might look something like the one Neil has here.

Itís very important that your pen is not permanent, and is water-based.

You can use a black or brown pen.
First, just draw a simple tree shape.
Then, from your tree shape, you need to add on some branches.

Make sure that they come out from the side like long arms reaching out to grab something.

You need to make the fingers look like claws.
Repeat, adding as many branches as you can to your tree, remembering to make the branches knobbly.

Thereís no need to be neat!
Next, add some roots to your tree, making them creep out along the ground.

As usual, it doesnít have to be too neat.
Now the good bit!

Put in a ghostly face - two droopy eyes, and a really sad droopy looking mouth.
Add a bark effect to the tree, with wispy lines all the way up.

Itís a good idea to go around the shapes of the face with wispy lines too.
Then, add some wisps of gooey, dripping stuff from the "fingers" on your treeís branches.

It looks like dangling webs, or gunge. Gross!
And now an even better bit - dip a paintbrush into some water, shake off the excess, and just lightly brush it over the tree bark.

The water will make the ink start to run.

You donít want it to run too much, so just lightly brush over the ink.
Then draw in the moon with white chalk, and blow the excess chalk dust off. Just smudge it across, so it looks like thereís a mist across the moon.
And to really bring the haunted tree to life, add some thin moon highlights along the edges of the tree that are facing the moon.

Also, just pick out those bits of the face, and draw in some wisps of mist around the tree.

To finish it off, smudge those wisps of chalk with your finger for a misty effect.

Try it yourself!