Freak out your family and friends with this Halloween Face Changer.

You will need:
  • paper
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • some cardboard box card
  • paint and sticky tack
Start with A4 piece of paper, and fold it in half.
Choose a design.

This one will be a pumpkin, but whatever you draw, it has to be symmetrical!

Draw half the face of the pumpkin (or whatever) from the folded edge of the page.
Cut it out and open it up, and you have a symmetrical pumpkin head template.
Use a ruler to draw a line down the centre crease.
Now, you need some cardboard box card.

Place it so that the grain runs vertically from top to bottom.
Draw around the template of the pumpkin onto the cardboard box card.
Then, mark the top and the bottom of the centre line and, using a ruler, draw a straight line all the way down.
Cut out your pumpkin, and then use the paper template to make another one in exactly the same way.
To make the two pieces slot together, you need to make a mark that goes half way up one of the pumpkins, and another mark that goes half way down the other.

Cut a slot into both of them where the lines are.
Slot the two pieces together.
Now you have to draw on the changing face. Here’s a trick to remember.

You need to make four friendly and four scary sections on the face. To help you remember the formula, write an "F" for friendly on one section, then turn to the one next to it, and write another "F".

Repeat for the two that follow, and then do the same with an "S".
When you pull the sections apart, just do what it says on the card.

Some sections will be like this, and have an S for "scary" and an F for "friendly". In case you find drawing this difficult, here's one way of doing it.
When you’ve finished drawing, paint your faces using poster or acrylic paint, and put the two pieces of cardboard together again.

When you’ve finished, you’ll have something that looks like this.
Then, just put a dribble of glue onto the bottom joint where the two pieces meet, and carefully insert a pencil for a couple of centimetres.

You could strengthen it up with some sticky tack.
And then you’re ready to spin your face.

Just put the pencil between the palms of your hands, and spin it!

You can try other designs too, as long as you start off with a symmetrical template for the head shapes. How about a Halloween witch, or maybe a vampire whose eyes and eyebrows move?

Try it yourself!