Here's a great way of drawing a spooky picture... by only drawing half!

You will need:
  • Black paper
  • Pencil
  • White chalk or crayon
The idea is to draw a picture of a monster, or ghost or something else gruesome, onto a piece of black paper with a pencil.

You can't see it right now, but soon you will... adding some moonlight.

Draw in a moon with white chalk or crayon.
Now redraw half the picture, drawing only the lines that face the moon.
You can even smudge the lines to hint at shape.

This technique works really well on spooky pictures.
Of course, like all spooky pictures, there's a haunted house in the distance!
Just make sure you pick out the edge facing the moon each time.
Even though you're only drawing half of the lines, you can still see the picture taking shape.
Don't forget to hint at what's in the background.
Finally, just smudge the moon, and add on some spooky bats for a finishing touch.

Try it yourself!