Here's a great way to create really groovy writing for cards or posters - and it's lots of fun!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Coloured pens
Draw one blob for each word you plan to write - in any shape you like.
The idea is to do thick writing inside the blobs.

The only rule is: don't let any letter touch the blob or the letter next to it.
Squeeze the letters in tightly.
You'll be forced by the blobs into strange, groovy writing.
Think ahead about how you'll squish the letters in.
Then colour in all your letters as brightly as you like.
The writing will look different every time depending on the shape of your blob.
You could even make the border blobby too by going round it again!
Practice different words, and use them on posters, cards or exercise books like this.

Try it yourself!