Here's a great way of designing your own graffiti tag... but don't write it on walls or desks!

You will need:
  • Coloured paper
  • Chalk pastels or crayons
Chalk pastels like these are the best for this Art Attack, but crayons work just as well.
On a piece of coloured paper, write your name in big, chunky, angular letters.

It's a good idea to tuck the letters behind each other.
Then take some white chalk and add a little trick... just draw a small dot somewhere on each letter.
Next, colour each letter in using bright colours, but don't cover the dots!
When you've coloured each letter, strengthen up all the black lines

If you're using pastels, be careful not to accidentaly smudge it!
Now to really jazz it up, just gently smudge the dots to make them look like highlights...
... and gently smudge the black lines too to give them a fuzzy effect.

This makes it look like they've been sprayed on.
Thicken up all of those bottom lines to give it a real, chunky 3D effect.
Then smudge that line too.
Next, give everything a coloured outline, doing it twice in different colours.

Keep it straight and jagged with sharp edges.
Finish off the outline with another black line.
Finally, just to finish it off with a heavy metal effect, draw some white shine lines going diagonally across the lettering. Make sure all the lines are in the same direction. And to make it really stand out, put some starry twinkles on the corners. Make sure you keep the twinkly bits nice and thin!
And there you have it - your name in a graffiti tag!
You can create different tags with different materials and shapes. This one is more round and blobby.
This one uses more distinctive shapes, giving it a sharp feel.
Or even really distorted letters with all sorts of extensions.

Try it yourself!