Santa's been up all night - delivering Christmas presents to millions of children across the world. So it's no surprise that he looks a little googly eyed!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box card
  • Two ping pong balls
  • Paint
  • Black permanent marker
  • Teaspoon
First, take a large piece of cardboard box card, and in pencil or pen, start to design a Santa.

Start with his big hat, give him a round jolly face, a bulbous nose, a smile and a big bushy beard. You don't need to do the eyes because you'll be taking care of them later.
When you're happy with your design, you can colour it in. You can do this with whatever materials you like, but because you're using plain cardboard box card, it's a good idea to paint it, as this will get the colours looking really bright.

Start by painting the hat red.
Next, use white for the beard and the for the hat bobble!
Streak some grey into his beard and eyebrows.
Then how about a nice cartoon-like pink for the face?
Finally, fill in the background with some light blue.
When you've finished painting you'll have something that looks like this.

And when it's dry you can pick out some of the detail using a thick, black marker pen.
To make the googly eyes you'll need two ping pong balls.

Using a pen, draw a small circle for a pupil, and then a slightly bigger circle around it.
Then, using a small brush, paint the coloured part of the eye (the iris) a nice blue.

Painting out from the middle gives it a more realistic effect.
Streak in some lighter and darker shades, flicking out from the pupil.
Paint the pupil black and just leave a little circle for a speck of light!
Then, if the paint the other ping pong ball in exactly the same way, you'll have two googly eyes!
Now to make sure the eyes stay on Santa's face.

Use a teaspoon to gently push a dent where the eyeballs should go. Just circle the spoon around to make a nice round dent, being careful not to rip the card. Make both eye sockets in the same way.
Then, place the eyeballs in the dents and give it a quick wiggle!
But spare a thought for Rudolph... he's got to pull Santa's sleigh all night!
You can do any character you like!

Try it yourself!