It's good fun creating pictures by forcing yourself to only use one shape. Have a go!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Noticeboard pin
  • Cardboard box card
  • Coloured pens, or crayons
You could draw around plates, cups or reels of sticky tape to create circles.

But here's how to make your own compass. Just cut a strip of cardboard box card and carefully push a noticeboard pin in through one end. Make sure your table is protected with cardboard or thick newspaper!
Make a few pencil holes along the strip at varying distances.
Place the compass in position by pushing the pin through the piece of paper, wherever you'd like the centre of your circle to be.
Then put your pencil through one of the holes, and drag it around so that you draw a circle!
Keep building your circles up, using different holes along the compass, so that they come out different sizes.
They can overlap as much as you like - and you're left with a sort of manic bubble effect!
When you're happy you can colour your pattern in, using whatever you like.

Do a section at a time, in different colours.
The idea is to build your picture up - but never do the same colour in adjoining sections!
When your picture is coloured in, it'll look a bit like this.
You can create all sorts of patterns going round in circles.
You could even try a minimalist one like this!
Or why not go really crazy and do a big mad one with lots of patterns within it!

Try it yourself!