Got a photo that you want to frame, but you can't afford something really fancy?

You will need:
  • PVA Glue
  • Cardboard Box Card
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paint
  • Pen
First of all, draw an outline for the photo that you want to frame in the middle of a piece of cardboard box card.
Use a ruler to draw another box, about 1cm inside the shape you just drew.
Now draw a fancy outline around the rectangle.

Try to keep the sides the same size and shape!
Cut out the rectangle in the middle and trim away the excess cardboard box card.

Draw a fancy pattern in the corners of the frame.
Next, you'll need some PVA glue. Specifically, the type that comes in a bottle with a nozzle !
Squeeze the bottle of glue, and go over the pattern lines with the nozzle.
Leave the glue to dry overnight. It will harden and give a raised, carved effect.
Paint the whole frame with gold acrylic paint.

You can use gold poster paint if you like, but you'll need to add some washing up liquid.
Next, take some scrunched up tissue paper, and dip it into some black paint.

Dab off the excess, then rub the paint lightly around the detail in the corners.
When the paint has dried, all you need to do is tape the photo into the back of the frame.
Then you have your perfect frame ready to put up on the wall!
Remember - you don't have to use gold, you can use copper, and you can frame the pictures you have drawn, not just photos.

Try it yourself!