Some great tips to help you draw hands!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pens
A lot of people find it difficult to draw people's hands. It's a common problem.

For example, this is what a lot of people do. The hands are facing forward and flat.

They're drawn OK, but they just don't look quite right...
...because nobody stands like this!
It's more like this.
If you look closely at Neil's hands, they look more like claws from the front.

You can't even see all of the fingers.
So try that idea on a drawing.

Put the thumb on the inside near the body and the other finger slightly longer. Do that for the other hand too.
Of course, not everyone stands facing the front! This person is doing some modelling, so the claws need to be in a different position.

The hand on the right of the picture is leaning against her body so the claw needs to be slightly more open.
If you're drawing someone sideways on, then the claw is no use. In fact, it goes back to being just an ordinary hand.

You see all of the fingers, and the thumb points the same way the person is facing.
Like that!
So don't forget... it's a claw from the front, and a full hand with fingers from the side!

Try it yourself!