Make a gruesome gargoyle!

You will need:
  • Kitchen roll tube
  • Newspaper
  • Sticky tape
  • Card or cardboard box card
  • PVA glue
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Sand
  • Paint
Do you like gothic fantasy stuff?

Places where gargoyles look in the shadows?

If you do, why not make one of your own?
Start off by making whatever the gargoyle is going to be attached to.

This gargoyle is designed to sit on a bed headboard.
To make the clip part, you need a kitchen roll tube. Cut it down, then along it, to give a sort of card clip.
This is how it fits onto the headboard.
The gargoyle itself is made from sculpted newspaper.

Start by taping scrunched up newspaper claws to the cut down kitchen roll tube - four at one end, and four at the other. Use plenty of sticky tape to secure them in place.
Next, make a head by scrunching up a ball of newspaper and moulding a snout shape into it.

Tape this between the claws, with more sticky tape.
Make a slightly larger newspaper ball for the body, and tape it behind the head.
The arms are made from long rolls of newspaper.

tape one end of each arm to the body, behind the head...
...then bend the arm around and tape the other end to the tops of the claws, like this.
When all the newspaper parts are securely taped into place, you can add further detail like a snout and eyebrows...
...and balls of newspaper for eyes.
You can use small pieces of card or cardboard box card for extra detail too, like ears...
...and wings.
You should now have something that looks like this - a fully sculpted newspaper gargolye.
Next, you need to turn the gargoyle to stone.

It's a good idea at this stage to put a bin liner or large plastic bag down on your work surface to protect it - because the next steps can be quite messy!
Paste PVA glue mixed with a little water all over the gargoyle.

Completely cover the whole thing.
When it's covered, and the glue is still wet, you need to cover the gargoyle in sand.
Sprinkle it on, all over...
When you've completely covered it, leave it for a while for the sand to settle.
When it has settled, carefully tip off any excess sand.
If you paint the gargoyle grey, and use darker paint for the shadowy areas, you'll get a very realistic effect and texture.
For other ideas, how about a wall mounted gargoyle by a door, keeping an eye on who comes in...
...or a corner mounted gargoyle like this?

Try it yourself!