Hereís a great way of making funny faces - by literally pulling faces!

You will need:
  • a good handful of self-hardening clay
  • a rolling pin
  • an old tray
  • a cocktail stick/pencil/old ballpoint pen
  • and poster or acrylic paint
Bet you thought we meant pulling faces like this.


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Roll out the clay with your rolling pin into a rough rectangle thatís about 1 cm thick.

Itís a good idea to do the whole thing on an old tray, so that you donít mark your work surface.
Once itís nicely rolled out, draw a face onto the clay.

Use the pencil (or cocktail stick or old ballpoint pen) to draw a face into the clay.

Do any face you like, because it doesnít need to be brilliant or neat.

Just make it funny, and cartoon-like.
Now the fun can begin!

You pull it into a silly face - literally!

Pick up your clay, and pull it this way, push it that way. In fact, bend it any way you like. Just make it as funny as you can!

Do be careful not to touch any of the lines.
Leave it to dry overnight.

The clay goes rock hard, and can easily be painted.
So - do just that!

You can use poster or acrylic paint. The idea is just to paint each of the sections with nice bright cartoony colours. When youíve finished, youíll have something that looks like this.

You can go around all the detail in black marker if you want to pick out all those features.

Try it yourself!