Here's a really funky Art Attack with an added bit of sparkle - a funky glitter picture, and it's really easy to do too..

You will need:
  • cardboard box card
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • glitter (various colours)
  • PVA glue
  • paintbrush
Take a piece of cardboard box card and cut the wedges off each side to make a kind of funky rectangle shape.
Draw a ruler's width frame all the way around the edge of the cardboard.
Cut the middle section out to get a funky frame shape and put it to one side.
Cut out another piece of cardboard box card which is exactly the same shape, place your frame on top of it and draw around the inside edge of the frame.
Remove the frame, and you'll be left with the cardboard underneath.

On this, draw your glitter picture design in the middle area using a pencil. You can draw whatever you like... but just make it jazzy!
When you're happy with your design, choose different coloured glitter for each section.

Write the chosen colour's first letter for each section on the picture, to stop you getting confused!
Then take some PVA glue, and paint in all the sections that are going to be one colour with the glue.
Once you've done that, pour on some glitter onto all the sections you've just put glue on, and let the glitter settle for a moment.
Tip off the excess, to complete one section.
Repeat this process with the next section.

In this case, Neil's added all the red parts.
For the third colour, brush glue on, sprinkle on the glitter, allow it to dry then tip off the excess.
Repeat this process for every colour section.
Next, bring back the frame that you cut out earlier, and put your design onto it. Use big bold shapes and lots of bright colours to make it really jazzy.
Finally, get your glitter picture, put your frame on top, and glue it into place to create a fantastic funky glitter picture.

Try it yourself!