Ever wanted something a bit different for your photos? Here's a great idea.

You will need:
  • a dinner plate
  • some cardboard box card
  • a marker pen
  • paint
Start by taking a large round tray or plate. Place it just over the edge of a large piece of cardboard box card, and then draw around it so that you get a smooth curve.
Then repeat, placing the tray on the left hand edge, and then on the top, and then on the side, joining all the curves together so you end up with this.

The idea is to make a sort of curved frame.
Now take a smaller circle, from a smaller plate, and place that in the middle. Repeat the same technique as before - curves along all the sides, joined up.

It doesnít matter if the curves donít follow the outside - it'll make it all the more funky!
Cut out your funky frame, and youíll be left with something that looks like this.
To make it funky, it needs to be bright and colourful... so you need to draw on a wacky, wavy design.

It doesnít have to be neat - and just make it as weird and as wonderful as you can.
Once youíve drawn your design, paint it using real crazy colours, using poster or acrylic paint.
When youíve finished painting, youíll have something that looks like this.


Itís also a good idea to paint the back, because it helps stop the frame bending or becoming warped.
Now all you have to do is put your photo into the frame, by sticking it in.

Glue the back of the frame, and stick your photo in.
And there you have a fantastic, funky frame.
You can do them in any colour and pattern you like, and they look fantastic up on the wall.

Maybe you could try a zig-zag pattern, or how about lots of little circles, or even swirls decorated with coloured glitter?

Try it yourself!