A tip for drawing moving things to make them look like they're whizzing through the air!

You will need:
  • Coloured chalk, charcoal or pastel
  • Paper
Here's a simple, still ball, standing still.
To make it look like it's moving, just draw half the ball first.
Then smudge the colours to one side with your finger to give the appearance that it's whizzing through the air.
This idea works for anything you like.

Here, Neil's drawn a skier - or the front half at least!
Now he's simply smudging it with his fingers in the direction of where the skier has come from...
...so that looks like he's hurtling down a hill!
Give it a go with a skateboarder...
...a horse rider...
...or even a kangaroo hopping through the air!

Try it yourself!