Do you like wintry scenes? Well, here’s a great way to put an added effect onto your wintry pictures – a frozen scene.

You will need:
  • cling film
  • paper
  • watercolours
  • paintbrushes
  • water
First draw or paint a picture of something from a cold wintry day.

You can draw whatever you like – landscape scenery, a Christmas scene, snow sports. Make sure you draw it on white paper, and use bright bold colours.
Before you do the next bit, make sure your picture is completely dry.

Brush water all round the different parts of your picture, right up to the edge, but not over the bits that are dry!
When you’ve wet the rest of your picture, paint on some cold colours using water-colour paints.

Use icy blues, greens and purples. Try not to let the colours touch too much, and try to do it quickly before the paper dries. You can add more water if you need to.
When you’ve done that, you’re ready to ‘freeze’ it. Before the paper dries, take some cling film, lay it onto your picture and ruffle it up a bit, to create a cracked ice effect.
Leave this to dry completely to create a frozen picture.
Finally, if you want to, draw a window frame silhouette on black paper, and glue it on top.

Try it yourself!