Here's a great way of framing a photograph, without actually framing it!

You will need:
  • Coloured pens
  • A photograph or picture
  • Coloured paper (slightly bigger than the picture)
Place your picture into the middle of a piece of coloured paper.

If you've got an ordinary sized photo, A4 paper is good.
The idea works by drawing squiggles around one of the corners.

Do a squiggle, a couple of loops and another squiggle...
...then send the line back on itself.
Join up the lines at the end.
Now colour in the bits in between.
Do this on two opposite corners.

It looks like the picture's been framed by twisted ribbons looped around the edges!
Use different coloured pens and frames.
You could even do squiggles all around the frame...
...Or a two-coloured ribbon, where the loops are alternate colours!

Try it yourself!