This Art Attack will read your fortune! Ask any question, and it will deliver an answer. Apart from answers to your homework questions, that is.

You will need:
  • A marble
  • Cardboard box card
  • Acrylic paint
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Cheesy triangles container
First you need to make a fortune teller.

Take a piece of cardboard box card and sketch in the shape of a fortune teller's head and shoulders.
Then fill in some detail.

Start with a headscarf and a little bit of hair poking out at the sides!
Then draw in the rest of her face.

It's a good idea to make her eyes looking down, so that she'll be looking into her crystal ball.
Fortune tellers always seem to have hooped earrings, and don't forget to draw a shawl draped across her shoulders.
When you're happy with your design, cut it out.
To make her stand up, take an A4 sized piece of cardboard box card and tape your fortune teller to the middle using lots of tape.
To keep her sturdy, add a couple of cardboard wedges to the back.
Next you need to make the part that will make the decisions.

For this, you need a rounded cheese triangle boxes, like this.
Take off the lid and draw five circles.

You can draw around a 2p coin to help you - but make sure that the circles are bigger than the marble.
Then you need to cut these circles out.
Whenever you need to cut something out from the middle of your artwork, just make a hole with a sharp pencil through it into some modelling clay.
This way you can get your scissors in, and it makes cutting out much easier!
When you've cut out all of the holes, run some glue all along the outside edge of the lid.
Then, take a strip of thin card that's a couple of centimetres wide, and glue or tape it around to make a sort of rim.

You can always trim off any excess. Hold it in position until the glue dries.
When it's dry, put the lid back on.

Put some glue on the underneath of the box and stick it to the middle of the base.
This lip around the lid means that the marble won't fly off when it drops, and because the holes are bigger than the marble, they'll stay in place.
Now you need to make sure it's not possible to cheat by dropping the marble into the hole you'd prefer!

Take three sweet tubes and cut them in half, making sure that you still have a card bit at the end. This will make sure the marble doesn't shoot off the edges when you set up the chutes in a moment.
Place them in a zig-zag going down the fortune teller's body.

Start with the bottom one, adding on a piece of tape to the edge. Make sure the end is lined up with the cheese box.
You could always experiment with the marble while you're sticking the tubes on to make sure that the marble will go down them all.
When you've added three or four chutes, you should have something that looks like this.

Now you just need to add some finishing touches.
Paint your fortune teller with acrylic paints.

How about a mystic purple for the headscarf?
Some emerald green for the shawl, and maroon for her dress...
...and some red for the tubes.
When you've finished painting and it's dry, add on some finer details with a black felt pen.
Don't forget to add on the different answers to your questions to the edges of the holes. This one has "For sure", "No chance", "Ask me later", "Maybe" and "Are you crazy?".
Now all you need to is ask it some questions and see what answers you get! Your family and friends could join in too!

Try it yourself!