Make your drawings come alive by layering the scenery to make things jump off the page!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Pens
Take a piece of paper and use a pencil and ruler to draw two lines, equal distance apart, going across the paper lengthways.
Fold the paper in half so that the lines are on the outside.
Fold down again, towards the first fold in the middle.
Flip the paper around, and do the same again on that side.
You should have a concertina which has four parts.

Put it down so that it forms a "W" shape, with the lines facing upwards.
Flatten it a bit, then use your pencil to follow the bottom line along to the first fold.
Now, draw a line up the first fold, and then along to the middle fold, and up again.

It should look like steps going up the page.
Carefully cut out the top corner.

You should be left with two steps and two whole sections on the right.
Fold up the paper again so the small step is at the front. This will be the foreground of your picture.
The middle chunk will be your middle ground.
This is the background layer.
If you open out the paper, the back piece will be sky.
Now you can start designing your picture.

Draw some sky on the back section..
FOld the whole thing over to draw the background of your picture in front of the sky.

It will be covering where the sky was, but don't worry about that. Neil's drawing a castle.
Fold the picture over the other way.
Now draw the middle ground.

The top of the background picture will be sticking out at the top of your drawing.
When you've done that, fold the last bit over, and in front of the middle ground draw the foreground.
So far the picture should look like this.
Neatly cut along the top of all the skyline detail, so the whole picture really jumps out at you when you open it out.
Colour the whole thing in, and your completed scene should look like this!
Have a go at different types of scenery, like countryside or beach scenes...
...or even the big city.

Try it yourself!