Do you want to know how to draw clouds, and make them look fluffy and realistic?

You will need:
  • a marker pen
  • paper
  • pastels
  • chalk
  • watercolour paints
First, draw a simple cartoon cloud on white paper, with little curves for the edges.

Make sure the cloud is an irregular shape.
Then, if you shade down the edges with blue, it makes them look really fluffy and billowy.
For a drawing on blue paper, chalk or pastels are very good for clouds.

Here, again, itís just a case of doing an irregular shaped cloud - but by building up the edges with the chalk on its side.
Once youíve done that, to make them look really fluffy, just smudge the cloud edges lightly with your finger.
Then, to make it look really 3D, add in some highlights just around the top edges of the cloud.
Watercolours are also great for making clouds - itís just a case of dampening your paper slightly.

Donít use too much water - just spread it all out across the sky.
Then, add blobs of white and grey paint onto your damp paper.
When itís starting to dry a bit, put some lighter curves at the top of the clouds with "c" shapes, and then put some darker ones underneath the clouds.

And there you have some really angry, but fluffy watercolour clouds.
Finally, a great trick for clouds at night... just turn a piece of chalk on its edge, but donít do the whole of the clouds - just the top edges around the moon, again with little "c" shapes.
Smudge it with your finger, and then add some more little curves where the moon catches the edge of the clouds.

And there you have lots of different ways of doing fluffy clouds.

Try it yourself!