Do you want to know how to make your animal drawings hairy and fluffy?

You will need:
  • paper
  • pens
This chick doesnít look fluffy at all.

Thatís because the lines for the shape of the chick have all been drawn with a thick black pen.
So instead of doing lines for the outline shape of the chick, do dots instead!

And no, it isnít dot to dot!
Then add in some dashes between the dots. Can you see what happens? A soft, furry, fluffy chick emerges.
To test it out again, here are some of Neilís cartoon strips!

In this one, he is drawing the dots for the catís fur.
To finish off the catís fur, he's adding in the dashes between the dots.
Another one now... a fur coat, and a poodle!

A good tip to remember is that the less dashes you put in, the softer the fur looks.

And thatís all there is to fluffy animals.

Try it yourself!