Some tips and tricks to make drawn clothes look realistic.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pen
Here's a simple picture of a bride and groom - and a scruffy boy spying on them.

But their clothes look flat and unrealistic at the moment.
Adding a tie and detail to the groom's suit will make him look more formal.
Putting a crease down his trousers will make them look smarter too.
The bride's dress material needs to look like draping cloth - a bit like the curtains in the background of the picture.
A frilly design on her shoulders looks good too.
For a see-through veil, just draw over the bride's face lightly.
Next, the little boy in the background needs scruffing up a bit!

For an untidy look, break up the lines and edges. Neil's giving him some creases in his top...
...and his jeans, where he's been sitting down.
A backwards baseball cap and a logo on his jumper also make him look dressed-down.
Don't forget shoelaces!
Adding more detail to clothes will make any picture look more realistic.

Try it yourself!