First there was table football. Then there was computer football. And now with this Art Attack there is Finger Football!

You will need:
  • Cardboard box
  • Cardboard box card
  • Felt tips
  • PVA glue
  • Kitchen roll
  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Ping-pong ball
For the first step, you need to make some football boots.

Cut out a little shoe sole, shaped like a fat figure 8, from cardboard box card.
Scrunch up some newspaper and use it to pad out the front of the boot, taping it into place.

This will be the front toe end of the boot!
For the sock you need some cereal box card that's the same length of your index finger, like this.
The idea is to roll it into a tube and tape it so that it fits snugly around your finger.
Tape this tube to one end of the boot.

Just put it into position and tape it into place.
Then add on some more detail, like a folded newspaper strip to make the top of the sock.
Make another little folded newspaper strip and tape it around the back of the heel to give it a boot shape.
To finish the boot, how about a little square of folded newspaper for the tongue of the boot?

Then make another whole boot in exactly the same way.
The boots are a bit flimsy at the moment so they need toughening up!

Mix some PVA glue half and half with water and paste it over the whole boot, adding on a layer of kitchen roll. Go over everything, but make sure you don't go over the top of the sock or you won't be able to put your finger in it!
When dry the boots will be hard and ready to paint!

Of course, you can paint the boots whichever way you like, but here you can see black paint being used first.
Then choose a colour to paint your socks.

It could be the colour of your favourite team - it's up to you!
Finally, add on some detail with white paint for the detail on the sock and boot.
When you've finished and the paint has dried you'll be left with something that looks like this.
To make a goal you'll need a cardboard box like this one.
Take a piece of thin card that's about the same size as the opening of the box and draw a goalkeeper onto it.
Draw the goalkeeper leaping in the air with arms stretched out to save the ball!

Give him (or her) a mean expression, as though he's not going to let anything past!
Then take a mug and draw four circles all around the keeper. These are the holes through which you will have to kick the ball to score.
When you've finished, cut out the holes and colour the whole of the goalkeeper picture in with felt tips, including the background.
Now tape it to the front of your box.

This can be quite fiddly so take your time to get it right and neat.
When you've taped it securely you'll have something that looks like this.

Paint the rest of the box, adding in the goal net. And then you're ready to play. You just need a football...
And that's easy. A ping pong ball is perfect for this. Just colour the football details on it with black pen.
Put your fingers in the boots and you're ready to play. You could play against yourself or a friend. You could even make another pair of boots for them!

Try it yourself!