Here's another way of painting with felt tips - but you don't need brushes or water this time!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Felt Tips
The idea is to do a picture and colour it with felt tips the same way you would a painting.
Start by drawing a picture with light pencil or light felt tip pen.
Now choose the colours you'll need.

You probably won't have the exact colours you want, so choose the one that's closest.
Go over the picture and use the felt tip to shade all the areas of the picture that you want to be that colour.
Next choose a darker colour for the darker shades.

Again, pick the nearest colour.
Block in the shade...
You can't mix lots of subtle colours or shades like when you paint, but with this technique choosing a colour closest to the one you want creates a really funky effect.
If you want white, just leave the white of the paper showing through.
You can even add highlights by leaving white...
...and don't forget brown and black for the really dark bits of the picture.
And that's it - finished.

And because none of the colours are perfect you get a great effect.

Try it yourself!