With this Art Attack you'll be able to get paint effects into felt tip drawings.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Felt tip/marker pen (water-based, not a permanent marker)
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
For this, you'll need an ordinary, water-based felt tip marker pen.

Don't use a permanent marker, because it won't work!
First, draw a picture. It can be anything you like.

Neil's drawing a gardener.
Now, take a paintbrush and dip it into a little water.
Quickly brush the water into the shady areas of the picture.
The pen ink is dissolved, and tints the picture.
Brush into the shady areas of the picture down one side - so if the light is coming from the right hand side, brush down the left hand side.
Don't forget to leave some areas clean, to make highlights.
You'll get a really atmospheric, tinted picture

This picture of a panda was produced in the same way...
...as was this windmill.

A red felt tip was used for this one.
And this one is a multi-coloured picture, using different coloured pens!

Try it yourself!