What have wizards, sorcerers, princesses and Cinderella all got in common? They all live in a fantasy castle - and they’re so easy to draw

You will need:
  • some paper
  • crayons of all colours
The first thing you need to think of is cylinders.

To get a basic outline shape of your fantasy castle, draw a few cylinders next to each other, big and small.
Once you've drawn your cylinders, add a pointy roof (called a turret) to each one.

You could even add some more in the background.
Now, it’s time to colour it in.

Colour the turrets with a nice bright fantasy pink or blue. A good tip is to colour it in curves, because it gives the impression of rows of bricks or stone.
To add more detail, shade one side of the towers in a darker colour.

You can also colour in each roof with a blue colour for the slates.
Next, for the windows, use another dark colour, like purple.

Add them wherever you like on your tower.
You can also divide your tower into sections, to add to the effect of the fantasy castle.
To finish the castle itself off, add some thin flagpoles to the top, and some flags onto them.

You can also put in steps, and because most castles are built on a hill, why not add that too?
For the finishing touches, add a sun, casting an orange glow down one side of the castle.

Add in some mist as well with a white crayon. Because all good fairy tale fantasy castles are in the clouds, you can even add white mist at the base of the castle.

Try it yourself!