Here's a great technique for creating some really individual prints. This sort of effect is usually done by painstakingly carving the design out, but there's an easier way!

You will need:
  • modelling clay
  • ballpoint pen
  • rolling pin
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • paper
Get some modelling clay.
Take a large ball and knead it in your hands so that it's nice and soft.
Put the ball onto a tray and roll it out flat with a rolling pin.

It needs to be about 1cm thick.
Now you're ready to draw your picture. Take an old ballpoint pen, and draw on your design.

You need to press quite hard into your clay but don't make it too complicated!
When you've finished, add on a border with a fancy pattern around your drawing.

Carefully trim off the excess clay around the border using a plastic knife.
When you're happy with your design, carefully brush on a thin layer of poster or acrylic paint with a large soft brush.
Once it's covered, take a piece of paper and carefully place it on top.

Run your hand firmly over the piece of paper.
Now the exciting bit... peel back the paper to reveal the print underneath!

It doesn't matter if there are some areas without print, because it all adds to the effect!
The good thing about this technique is that if you want to make another print, run your modelling clay under the tap, wash off any excess wet paint, gently dry off with kitchen roll and start again. Here's another design idea you might want to try using different colours. As usual - just experiment!

Try it yourself!