Find out how to add some magic to your pictures!

You will need:
  • White chalk
  • Dark paper
  • Silver pen or white pencil crayon
Chalk is a very versatile art material - and here's a great way of using it to create a magical, mystical Art Attack.
Do a line drawing of a fairy on some dark paper - blue or black is good.

Neil used silver pen for this picture, although white pencil crayon would be fine.
If you're not sure how to draw a fairy - why not trace one from a book.
Use the chalk to carefully go around the outline of the fairy.
Try to keep to the outline, and not go over the picture too much.
It's a good idea to take your time when doing this.
When you've chalked all the way around, smudge the chalk outwards using your finger.

It gives the picture a lovely, magical glowing quality.
Finish off by adding extra detail using the chalk...
...which you can smudge in the same way.
You can also use a silver pen or white pencil crayon to dot on extra magical detail.
Try it yourself!