A handy tip for drawing cartoon characters - use a mirror to copy your own facial expressions!

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Mirror
When you look in the mirror and pull a happy face, you'll notice your eyebrows shoot up and your mouth curves at the edges.
So, just copy these features onto the face of your character.
Now pretend that something has shocked you, and look in the mirror.
Your eyebrows shoot up, your mouth opens wide and so do your eyes.

Draw your cartoon just like that.
When you are tired, your whole face appears to droop, and your head seems to be sinking into your shoulders.
The character's boyfriend looks exhausted here.
Now to make her look sad - because her boyfriend has forgotten her birthday.

Look in the mirror, and you'll see your eyebrows and mouth turn down - like this.
So just copy what you see onto your comic strip.
Now the character gets angry, with a scrunched up face and gritted teeth - like Neil has here.
Draw your own angry face by copying Neil's expression and then looking in the mirror.

Draw what you see in the mirror.
In the story, the character splits up with her boyfriend and goes out for a giggle with her friends.

When you laugh in the mirror, you'll notice your eyebrows go high and scrunched up, and your face and mouth open up.
Recreate this on the paper.
Now her boyfriend is sad, because he's been dumped!

Think of something that makes you sad and look in the mirror. You'll see your eyes are scrucned, and your mouth is open but down.
To complete the cartoon strip, draw your sad expression onto the face of her boyfriend.

Now you've used a mirror to help you create facial expressions - try it yourself!