Here's a really easy trick to make your lettering look as if it's standing out from the paper. This trick will work for all types of lettering, and it's really easy to do.

You will need:
  • crayon
  • paper
Here's the writing that Neil is going to make the lettering stand out from...
Take a black wax crayon, or thick soft black pencil and rub it onto a piece of paper to blunt it so that you get a nice thick soft black line.
To raise your letters, drop a shadow from each letter, using your crayon.

Drop a shadow down the left-hand side of each line, slightly to the left.
This works for all types of lettering - even joined up writing, and big chunky letters!
And now the clever bit... smudge the lettering slightly with your finger.

Don't smudge it right across your paper, and not too much. Just take the edge off it, so the shadow is much softer.
And there it is - lettering that stands out.
You can even do it with shapes too. Here, Neil has drawn a banner around his name...
...and then another shadow along the left hand side. It's a great effect to give your lettering some energy.

Try it yourself!