Here's an Art Attack that shows off some very clever watercolour techniques.

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
It's a good idea to use a thick piece of paper for this Art Attack.

Start by mixing up an orange wash, and use it to paint an orange sky.
Add more water to the wash as you move down the paper... that the colour gradually gets fainter.

Stop when you're roughly halfway down.
Leave a blank gap, and then paint in a dusty desert floor, using a bright orange.
While the watercolour paint is still wet, add in a few blobs of light brown to break it up...
...and a few blobs of purple for bushes...
...and paint in some plants too.
Now you need to wait until the picture has can completely dried before you start the next part.

Mix up a stronger, darker orange, and paint in a background mountain range.
Put some water on your brush and paint another, lighter line underneath.

You'll start to see a misty effect across the middle of the picture.
While the watercolour paint is still wet, blob in some more purple in the middle distance, to represent trees.
And while that's drying, paint a few more plants into to the foreground.
Next, load some purple onto a smaller paintbrush and paint in some trees, disappearing into the mist.
As you paint the trunk of the tree, add more water to your brush.

This will create an effect that gives the trunks the appearance of fading into the dust cloud in the middle of the picture.
Finally, mix up a wishy-washy brown and pick out some cattle in the dust.

Do these very lightly and they'll have the appearance of being shrouded in the mist.
Try it yourself!