Fool your friends and family into thinking you've dropped your dinner on the floor!

You will need:
  • Carrier bag
  • Sticky tape
  • Cardboard box card
  • PVA glue
  • Plastic cup
  • Coloured ink, or food colouring
  • Plate
  • Cutlery
  • Old beads
  • Newspaper
Stretch the carrier bag flat and tape it onto some cardboard box card.
To make some gooey-looking sauce, pour some neat PVA glue into an old cup, and add a couple of drops of ink or food colouring.

Here you can see that Neil has added brown to make something that looks like gravy. Mix it all up.
Pour the mixture straight from the cup onto the carrier bag, making the shape as splattery as you can!

The colour may seem too light at this stage, but don't worry. When the glue dries it will go see-through and the real colour will show through.
Now you're ready to make the other dinner ingredients.

Choose a dish you have often, so that whoever cooks will really believe you've dropped what they made!

Neil did bangers and mash!
Use whatever you like to create food shapes, and drop them messily into your glue splat so that they stick in.

Old beads make good peas!
Cardboard circles look a bit like carrots, and loo roll can look like mashed potato!

You can paint all these later.
Wrap some rolled-up newspaper in brown paper for sausages!
Arrange everything so that they look as if they've been dropped, then leave to dry!
When dry, you can simply peel the splat off the carrier bag.
Then you can paint the dropped meal whichever way you like!

Then arrange the splat with a plate and cutlery on the floor, to make it look like you've dropped it!
You can use whatever you like to make different meals.

Try cutting sponges into the shape of fish fingers and chips - and using loo roll for egg white and modelling clay for yolk!
String makes great spaghetti - and use more sponge for pieces of toast!

As long as you have the colours and PVA glue, you can create all sorts of dropped dinners!

Try it yourself!