Some handy hints to help you create great pictures on cardboard.

You will need:
  • cardboard box card
  • chalk
  • pastels
  • charcoal
  • crayons
For chalk, pastel and charcoal pictures, what's the best material to use? No, it's not fine high quality craft paper - it's bog standard cardboard box card!

Here's Neil, about to begin a latest masterpiece… the chalk really bites onto the grain of the cardboard.
It's also brilliant for charcoal pictures.

Again, the charcoal really settles into the grain on the cardboard box card.
How about pastels?

The grain of the cardboard really does provide a great surface for drawing.
It's even good for wax crayons!
Another great feature of cardboard is that it's really good for smudging in the chalks and charcoals to create shadows.
And there you have it - a chalk, charcoal, pastel and wax crayon picture on cheap and simple cardboard box card. The great thing is that you can paint the cardboard box card any colour you like before you start to give it a background.

Try it yourself!